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Instructions. In a cocktail shaker, add vodka, Kahlua, and cold brew. Vigorously shake until the outside of shaker is cold and frosty and the cocktail is foamy, about 15 seconds. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with 3 coffee beans or star anise on top.

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Next time you order one, try swapping out espresso martini liquors for a more complex flavor profile. Users on the r/cocktails subreddit shared their favorite modifications that completely elevated their drink experience. One user opted for a dark, aged rum and added a touch of citrus juice and bitters to their cold brew espresso for a more full, complex flavor.

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Short Answer. Yes, you can use cold brew in an espresso martini. Cold brew is a type of coffee concentrate, and because of its strong flavor, it can be used in place of espresso as the coffee component in a martini. However, its flavor profile is different from espresso, so the final drink may not taste the same as a traditional espresso martini.

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0.25-0.5oz Vanilla or Peppermint Simple Syrup (Optional) Step 1: Add the Cold Brew. Jim's Organic Coffee's Cold Brew, with its rich and smooth flavor, forms the heart of this cocktail. For an outstanding Cold Brew Espresso Martini, the quality of the cold brew is crucial. Use 2 Oz of Jim's Organic Coffee's Cold Brew as the base.

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Kahlúa Cold Brew Espresso Martini Recipe: Step 1: Fill a shaker with ice and add all of the ingredients. Shake for at least 15 seconds to create a nice foam. You can stop when you arm hurts and the shaker gets icy cold to touch. Step 2: Strain into a cocktail glass without ice and garnish with coffee beans.

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Add a quart/liter of cold water, and stir it around until all the grounds are wet. Let it sit for a half an hour. This is really just to get the grounds wet and a little more manageable than trying to stir up a half gallon of water and a pound of coffee. 4. After half an hour, add the rest of the water. Add another quart of cold water and give.

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2 oz VODKA. Add the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake. Fine-strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans. Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew is coffee re-invented. Made with cold brewed coffee for a smoother, less acidic taste and spiked with alcohol, we have brought together two of the most popular things in the world.

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Steps. Add vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and simple syrup to a shaker filled with ice and shake until well-chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans. The Espresso Martini is more than 40 years old, and remains one of the most popular cocktails in existence today. Discover why this simple combination of vodka.

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Combine 2 oz of Baileys Irish cream, 1 oz of vodka, 1/2 oz of simple syrup, and 4 oz of cold brew coffee concentrate in a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake the mixture vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain the milky mixture into a pre-chilled martini glass. Top the martini with whipped cream and add a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

How to make an Espresso Martini with Cold Brewed Coffee YouTube

Directions. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway up with ice then add ingredients inside. Place the lid on top then shake vigorously for 30 seconds or until extremely cold. Pour into a chilled martini glass then serve.

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To make the perfect espresso martini with cold brew, start by brewing a strong batch of cold brew concentrate. This can be achieved by steeping coarsely ground coffee in cold water for an extended period of time, usually 12-24 hours. Once your cold brew concentrate is ready, you can use it as a base for your espresso martini.

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1 ounce brewed, cooled espresso or cold-brew coffee; 1/2 ounce Kahlua, or other coffee liqueur; 1/2 ounce simple syrup, optional; 3 coffee beans; Directions. It's said that three coffee beans on an espresso martini represent health, wealth and happiness. It's similar to the traditional way of serving the anise-flavored Italian liqueur.

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This martini combines espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur to make one of my favorite classic cocktails - it tastes AMAZING!. Use cold brew coffee or cold brew concentrate. Brew very strong coffee. For a pot of coffee, use the same amount you'd make for 12 cups but make it only 2 cups. For a Keurig, brew it 2 or 4 ounces per kcup.

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Gather together everything listed above as ingredients and equipment needed. Put the martini glass into the freezer to chill. Put some ice into the cocktail shaker. The ice should fill the shaker up. Pick up the vodka. Measure 1.5 oz of vodka with the jigger. Pour it into the shaker. Pick up the cold brew.

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ADD ME INSTAGRAM @slickbartender_ Martini is really popular cocktail but you can only order it at the bar o.

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Step 3. Assemble Your Cold Brew Martini. To start, place your cold brew ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Next, pour in 2 shots o vodka. Then, add 3 fluid ounces of Kahlua coffee liqueur. And, finally, add the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe cold brew concentrate. Shake until the outside of the shaker becomes frosted.